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At The Unopened Box, we offer a range of services that are free and paid to be as inclusive as possible. Our clients get to choose which modality of services they want to use and we do our best to offer the best we can for our clients. We also offer free resources that people can use to identify patterns, understand patterns and change patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that may not be working for them.

Support Group


The Unopened Box offers Psychological Therapy and Counselling Services for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups. Our qualified therapists are all supervised and undergo their own personal therapy. We believe in practicing what we preach and enhancing ourselves both personally and professionally to make sure that our clients feel safe and supported on their journey.

Weekly Sessions

We hold weekly sessions for Mental Wellness offline and online. Our sessions are limited to small groups as we want to provide holistic services to all of our attendees. Our Mental Wellness sessions involve accessing creativity, empowerment and innovative ways to invigourate yourself while pushing boundaries on self-limiting beliefs. It’s a great space to feel held, explore your identity, find solidarity and understand yourself better.  



We deeply believe that Mental Health is not restricted to our therapy rooms.

Mental Health is everywhere and is accessible to all. At The Unopened Box, we create and design our events in such a way that it offers warmth, support and a great deal of empowerment that can be taken outside of the few hours for which we meet. Each event is special and one of its kind. Do try them out and dip your toes into an all-new way to experience Mental Health. Check out our upcoming event schedule here. 



We conduct a host of workshops at The Unopened Box on safety for children, self-care, self-love, emotional management and regulation, parenting, and more. If you’re looking to have us conduct specific workshops for your groups, organisations, schools, companies, please do leave us a message and we’d be happy to connect with you. Check out our upcoming workshop schedule here.


Training Programs

We offer training programs for:

  • Therapists/ Counsellors who are enrolled in Master’s Degree Programs in Counselling Psychology

  • Groups and Corporates to be trained in Work-Life Balance, Living Mindfully, Emotional Regulation and Management and More


Supervision of Therapists

We believe in therapists growing personally and professionally to avoid burn-out and increase professional awareness. Our founder, Leanne Rose Pais, is a RISE-UP Certified (Australian Counselling Association accredited and certified) Professional Supervisor. She’s a Professional Member of the Indian Association of Professional Supervisors. At The Unopened Box, all our therapists undergo individual and group supervision to work toward enhancing their personal and professional skills.

I met Leanne when I was in desperate need for help. I think it is not easy for me to explain the journey I have been on, but I will try my best to narrate it. 


She has been very professional from the very first day I met her. I found a space where I was allowed to take things at my own pace while she gently suggested alternatives. That is one of the first things I loved. She offers you a transparent journey where you can cross-question her methods and belief systems and be truly open in a very respectful way, allowing space for you to feel safe and informed throughout.

Above all, the most important thing for me was that I had access to her through messages, calls or emails anytime I felt stuck /down and couldn’t wait until my next session to talk to her. That made it a very encouraging space to continue therapy. 


Lastly, she kept me in the loop regarding where I was on the journey, clearly showing me that it is a process that will end. I’d like to emphasize this because there were spells in therapy where I felt extremely overwhelmed, making it difficult to keep going. She constantly shared bullet points and graphics on my phone which worked as everyday reminders and also showed me how far I had come! 


Ever since I’ve known her, I have recommended her to more than 20 people I know, and I will continue to because of how beautiful and fulfilling this journey has been. I have been able to create a happier, gentler and healthier life, which is only getting better every day, because of the help I could get from her. I am grateful for having met her and will forever have love and respect for her in my heart.

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