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At The Unopened Box, we believe in helping you empower yourself. We use a variety of worksheets, resources, and creative elements in our sessions to facilitate the process. Below are a few Free Printables with instructions that you can use to create a greater form of self-awareness. 

These worksheets are not a replacement for therapy. These are designed as Self-Help and Self-Directed activities that you can do at home. 

The experience of doing this resource alongside our therapists in session may be different as in the therapy space, the session and activity is directly worked upon for you and your particular life experiences. 

We do hope you enjoy our resources. These are for personal and individual use and not-for-profit. If you are using our Resources, please give us credit as all of our work is protected by copyright.


Self-Care Bucket List

Support System

Cheat Sheet For Bad Days

Make Your Own Affirmations

Letting Go

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