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I got to know of Leanne from a friend who was already taking therapy sessions with her. Although, I live in New Delhi and the sessions were going to be remote, I decided to give it a shot. I remember my first two sessions where Leanne completely focused on knowing me as a person and about my problems in detail. I was amazed from my 3rd session onwards, how well she remembered every single detail which I told her about my life. She took me through a journey of self-exploration and helped me see things from a different perspective, very convincingly so. Never have I ever experienced any sense of judgment from her towards me or people in my life who I had told her stories about and how they impact my life.

Leanne has a very professional and systematic way of catering to your issues in a fashion that suits your personality. Her sessions are equally fun as well as professional. 

I had decided to take therapy for only a few months and now it's 1 year and counting, because I clearly see the benefits her therapy regime is bringing in me, so continuing with her seems the best option to me. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help for themselves. From my experience, I can tell that you will find a comfortable space with Leanne which probably you are looking for.

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