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You will be supervised and mentored by our Founder, Leanne Rose Pais who is a RISE-UP Certified (Australian Counselling Association accredited) and certified Professional Supervisor. She’s a Professional Member of the Indian Association of Professional Supervisors.

You will undergo individual and group supervision to work toward enhancing their personal and professional skills.​

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Dear Leanne,

To begin with, the very first person who comes to my mind when I think of therapy is YOU! It never ceases to amaze me on the sheer brilliance you show when it comes to handling your therapy sessions and an understanding of the person sitting across you which is hard to replicate.  The passion and involvement you show in your work is commendable and something that I personally aspire to do. 

I still remember the classes you took and the personal interest you took in each of us in monitoring our learning and progress. It was and will always be one of those very few and rare classes that taught me the real essence of the subject and perhaps the difference we could make in other’s life by very small little things. There are people who teach and there are people who make you fall in love with the subject because of the way it is taught and you definitely belong to the latter group. Your love for the subject and therapy was reflected in every class that you handled and your keen interest in looking over our assignments showed how much you actually cared for the field and us. I will say this on record that my interest in therapy has solely been because of you and you have inspired me to be sincere in whatever I undertake.

It has been a treat to watch you teach and learn under you. Your way of handling classes, therapy sessions, every little detail that you have brought to focus in art therapy classes and your constant motivation to be a better version of myself continues to stay with me. I guess in all the qualities I can list, the top-most for me has been your incredible kindness and humbleness in recognizing and appreciating the strengths in others. You have always been supportive and encouraging, and definitely someone that can be counted upon. 

I am so proud of the amazing things you are doing in this field and reaching out to people who need the help. I wish you all the luck and the guidance of the universe in all the endeavors that you undertake. It is a true pleasure to see you grow both personally and professionally. I have been lucky enough to have been associated with you and it is a matter of immense pride for me to be able to write this for you. You truly are an embodiment of someone who has made it on her own with nothing but absolute sincerity, dedication and hard work.

Here’s to a brilliant and amazing human being, may you tread on a path of achievement, love and satisfaction!

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