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We want to offer people a chance to heal, stop the pain, recover and reclaim their narrative in a way that empowers them to break cycles. We want to be there for whoever wants to explore Mental Health inside or outside the Therapy Room. We are cycle breakers and we do what we do well.

We work online to build our community and create accessibility through workshops, sessions and events. We also work offline to create experiences for our community, host outreach programs and events that make the community interact to create sustainable conversations around normalising Mental Health. 

At The Unopened Box, we are very particular about the kind of therapists we are here and the training they receive. Each of our therapists goes for individual therapy and supervision. We also conduct group supervision to maintain the quality and integrity of the organisation. The needs of our clients are extremely important to us and we value the work we do. We are a passionate and driven team that is committed to doing our best for our clients. We are also committed to personal and professional growth.


We as therapists at The Unopened Box practice what we preach. Our core values of authenticity, genuineness and self-care alongside other-care resonates through the organisational framework. A large part of our practice also goes towards democratising Mental Health and creating accessibility in various spaces.


I've wanted to be a psychological therapist since I was 13 years old. I had a cousin who was about 10 years old who was taken for counselling and had the worst experience. I still remember how he said speaking to me made him feel better and safe. And perhaps that is when I realised  I could hone my skills and help people reclaim their lives.

Almost 7 years later, this is the best profession I could be in. I was one of the few students in college who deeply wanted to have my own practice when I graduated. As a rank student, I knew I had the skill but it was nonetheless terrifying to follow my dream. 

Coming from a family of doctors who ran their own practice, this made complete sense to me. However, it involved a lot of effort to not just set up the practice but also follow all of the guidelines, protocols of doing therapy myself and going for supervision to see that I had the best to offer to my clients. I worked extremely hard and had my whole practice built around word of mouth. Till 2020 I barely had an online presence because it seemed impersonal to me. When the pandemic hit, I had a lot of clients, who had graduated from therapy with me, reaching out asking me to send them a few things that we'd worked on while they were in therapy. To make it easier and create a greater impact, I decided to start The Unopened Box on Social Media. It was a seed of a dream and boy, I loved it. I enjoyed posting about Mental Health, sharing stories, having people across the globe impacted by what I did, and enjoy my method.

During the pandemic, I kept feeling that I wanted to do more, create larger impact. As an individual, I'd created a private practice entirely on word-of-mouth that I loved. I now had clients from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Ukraine, UAE and more and it felt great! But I wanted to take my teaching further. I wanted to train therapists in what I did, reach out to more people and make a bigger impact. As a Family and Marriage Therapist and with extensive work in Trauma and PTSD aftercare, I work with individuals, couples, families and groups in therapy. I've taught students and loved the process. I've trained in Art Therapy and Inner Child Work. I'm also a Professional Supervisor for Therapists (Australia Counselling Association accredited) and have put all of my learning into developing a method that I see working for people.

In Nov. 2020, I conducted group therapy online. Just 10 sessions for 6-7 people per group. We had an overwhelming response and conducted several groups during the pandemic that grew close and fostered all the connections they wanted. I deeply believe in dynamism and personal growth. I could see my baby- The Unopened Box growing and that's when I happened upon the IIM Bangalore, NSRCEL course. After 5 weeks of training, two months of Launchpad and finally achieving incubation at IIM Bangalore, I now have a team of wonderful, dynamic people who are helping me grow The Unopened Box. 

I feel so grateful for all the love and support we've received and for how excited people have been to try our offerings. We want to make Mental Health creative, innovative and progressive. I deeply believe in creating warm, supportive spaces for healing and actually seeing it happen is mind-blowing. 

What excites me is that people are so welcoming to us and from family, clients, friends and more, we have become one big family geared toward Mental Health. 

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