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The beauty of adulthood is that you get a chance to unlearn the things that don't work for you and choose a life that does work for you.


When you unlearn things, you're choosing to heal. You're choosing to give yourself a chance to approach life on your terms. 

Join our Nurture Your Inner Child Workshop where you'll learn to identify your inner critic and work towards creating a more compassionate and gentle lifestyle for yourself.

We hope to see you at our workshop.

To confirm your seat, contact

+91 97424 18957



"At the beginning of the session, I was just staring at a foggy image of myself. Your questions urged me to look deeper into myself in a way I have never done before. I can now begin to look at myself, see only myself the way I want for myself." 


"From the time I started this course. I’ve started to pay more attention to myself. I do things only when I want to do them and not because someone else coaxed me to do them. I am more outspoken about the way I feel and I share my perspective on things with less fear of being judged and abandoned. 

When I feel all down and low, I give myself the time to process it rather than bundling it up only to explode later on."


"I learnt that I should focus on the bright side of myself and know more about what I can do and who I really am from within, instead of constantly judging and misleading my emotions."


"This workshop was everything I was looking for and I gained so much more than I expected. I understand this is just the first step towards my healing and wellness journey. Looking forward to working with you again."


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