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On March 26th, 2020, The Unopened Box began as a seed of an idea to offer Covid Responses for Mental Health. Today, we continue in solidarity to offer you this support.


We are creating, designing and putting out resources that you can use as an individual or with your families. Our resources are simple and easy to use right from the comfort of your home. We want to create Mental Health Awareness and Access to people who need it. We urge you to share these resources with anyone who may benefit from it.


In 2021, we’ve decided to follow a #KeepingItReal philosophy to show you exactly how we practice what we preach and extend that support to you so that you can better care for yourself and others, while also empowering yourself.

Do stay safe and take care.

Mental Health Resources for Caregivers and People Looking To Help through COVID-19

A Story Workbook for Mental Health

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