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At The Unopened Box, we want to shake things up and start a Mental Health Revolution like never before.

This ideology and how we have been following up on our promise seems to have attracted a fair bit of attention.

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Help From Home 

Mental health on her mind, this woman entrepreneur went online to help people amid COVID-19 pandemic.

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Connecting during Covid-19

Tips on making small, conscious, sustainable changes to your lifestyle to beat the COVID blues.

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Heal With Self-Love

For healing and change to happen, we need to believe that we CAN be different and that we WANT to be different.

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Top 100 Ventures at IIM B, NSRCEL

The Unopened Box's journey into the Top 100 Ventures at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, NSRCEL.

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Holding Space

Attainable skills and strategies to improve mental wellbeing, connection and reduce conflict during the pandemic.

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Shaping an Entrepreneur

What it takes to follow your heart and passion and unlock your potential for early start-up owners.

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