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The Unopened Box helps you heal patterns of trauma through Mental Healing Services provided by qualified professionals that include but are not limited to therapy, workshops, training, events and community-based initiatives.

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Your healing needs are the center of our therapeutic approach. Empowering you by teaching you to identify, understand and change patterns that aren't working for you is at the core of what we do.


The Unopened Box offers transformative healing experiences through creative and innovative processes facilitated by our trained Mental Health Professionals.

A Safe Space To


Leanne Pais founded

The Unopened Box with the idea of bringing effective and healthy coping mechanisms to as many people as possible, even outside the therapy room. 


The intention is to help one own, heal and reclaim their story, by pushing boundaries on self-limiting beliefs in a non-judgemental supportive space.


Be A Part Of Our


Our services are designed to offer the highest order of Mental Health services for individuals, couples, families, groups, and corporates.


Through our various initiatives, we have also built an ever-growing community to create support systems and safe spaces to discuss mental health, explore personal growth, and realise our most empowered selves.

Mahima A

I have recommended her to more than 20 people, (and I will continue to) because of how I have been able to create a happier, gentler and healthier life, which is getting better every day.

Shankaransh S

Leanne has a very professional and systematic way of catering to your issues in a fashion that suits your personality. Her sessions are equally fun as well as professional.

Lidia F

Your love for the subject and therapy was reflected in every class and your keen interest in looking over our assignments showed how much you actually cared for the field and us.

The Unopened Box was founded in March, 2020. We’re proud to announce that The Unopened Box is Incubated at IIM Bangalore, NSRCEL in February, 2021.

We were awarded the Kotak Mahindra Bank Grant Support for being in the Top 20 Ventures of the Women Start-Up Program. Since then, our organisation has been passionately working toward creating community-based initiatives to create safe spaces for people. We work with a national and international audience and are committed to bettering ourselves as we continue our journey to do our best to spread Healing and Healthy Coping Mechanisms .

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